“Cavill Ave” April 2011

Cavill Ave is a re-development of Slowdive for the Arts Centre Gold Coast, tweaked to suit the space and audience demographic of the Gold Coast.

CAST: Richard Causer, Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Anthony Trojman, Timothy Brown, Jake Kuzma, Kirri Webb and Sarah Potter (local). Door Wench: Kimberley Twiner.
SET: Rozina Suliman

Slowdive was remounted at the Judith Wright Centre after doing some visits to the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and mapping the space as well as investigating the club scene at Cavill Ave where the name was drawn from. Tweaked for Gold Coast audiences, the club dropped it’s underground vibe for a 1990’s trashy Gold Coast vibe. The characters adopted traits from Gold Coast cultures, the dancers braving orange fake tan. Some key soundtrack changes occurred dropping the dance floor break out from “Rocks” to “Mr Vain” (complete with a displaced raver). The door wench went from enforcing the dress code to applying coconut oil to the audience as they lined up – not for any tanning by the UV lights, but ensuring the venue smelt like the Gold Coast beach by the end of the performance.



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