“Extract” Test Pressing (Youth Dance) 2017

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“Flaunt” (Version 2.0)
Metro Arts remount and Queensland tour 2016

“Flaunt” Short promo 2016

“Flaunt” Montage (footage from Brisbane and Cairns)

“Flaunt 2.0” Synopsis

Courtney Scheu
Amelia Stokes
Essie Horn

CHOREOGRAPHY: Claire Marshall
LIGHTING: Michael Richardson
SET: Frances Hannaway
STAGING: Matt Stapes
DRAMATURGY: David Fenton
PRODUCER: Jo Thomas (Metro Arts)

It had been over a year since the first season of Flaunt at the Brisbane Powerhouse in November 2014. During 2015 there was much planning in motion for a Queensland tour of Flaunt. We had the interest from Cairns, Toowoomba and Ipswich and were commencing the season at Metro Arts. Contemporary dance is a hard sell to venues, especially in Queensland. Dance companies tour work frequently, but as an independent artist it’s a very big deal to tour work, and I was very excited. Creatively, I there was many aspects of the work I wanted to develop and how I envisaged the re-developed Flaunt 2.0 was vastly different to the 2014 Brisbane Powerhouse show.

Photo: Mark Greenmantle

“Flaunt 2.0” Blogs


“Flaunt 2.0” Stills by FenLan

“Flaunt 2.0” Tour Stills by Marc McCormack
(Cairns show)

“Flaunt” Version 1.0 2014

“Flaunt” 1.0 Montage

“Flaunt” Poster

Photo: Mark Greenmantle. Poster Design: Kirri Webb. Dancer: Kirri Webb

“Flaunt” Synopsis

CHOREOGRAPHER: Claire Marshall
CAST: Miranda Zeller, Mariana Paraizo, Kirri Webb, Amelia Stokes
SET: Frances Hannaway
STAGING: Matt Stapes
LIGHTING: Michael Richardson
DRAMATURGY: David Fenton
PRODUCER: Jo Thomas (Metro Arts)

Flaunt is about women and power and explored women’s gender, sexuality and power, and how it can be ‘socially inscribed’ on the body – like a magnetic inscription on a tape, which repeats and repeats and then eventually runs out. Flaunt was examining what women project about themselves, and how women are socially conditioned to police each other’s ‘acceptable’ images. Flaunt was investigating established tropes of women under glass, in the glass and the objectified and deconstructed body.

Background: Some young people I knew were beginning to use social media to post photos of their bodies in various states of undress. I questioned the virtual identities that young women project and how they are often extreme and paradoxical. “Who is this for, to publish yourself in this manner? Do we post for ourselves or to compete with other women? Do we progressively become ‘monstrous ‘versions of ourselves online?” I wondered what people in the future might think of these images and what they say about women today. I wondered what the women of the past might also think. I thought about the concept of a body frozen in time, brought back to life and dissected for investigation throughout history. I wondered, “What might the body say?”

“Flaunt” Blog


“Flaunt” Stills by Mark Greenmantle

“Slowdive” – for APAM 2014

“Slowdive” Cut down

“Slowdive” APAM Synopsis

CAST: Libby McDonnell, Chafia Brooks, Miranda Zeller, Mariana Paraizo, Kirri Webb, Sammie Williams, Jake Kuzma, Gabriel Comerford, and door wench: James Halloran

“Slowdive” was selected to be presented at the Australian Performing Arts Market in February 2014 at the Brisbane Powerhouse and saw the work remounted for another space: a giant marquee tent. Using scaffold, we ‘de-tentified’ the space, aiming for more of an industrial club vibe. It was the last day of APAM and the last performance shown of the night.

“Slowdive” APAM Blog


“Slowdive” APAM Stills by FenLan

“SWFS” for Expressions Dance Company – Launch Pad Season 2012

“SWFS” Poster

“SWFS” Synopsis

CAST: Michelle Barnett and Samantha Mitchell
CHOREOGRAPHY: Claire Marshall

Each year, Expressions Dance Company produces an intimate, in-studio season of short, new choreographic duets developed by independent artists. These artists are invited by EDC’s Artistic Director Natalie Weir to use this opportunity to develop new ideas. 

SWFS duet for Expressions Dance Company’s Launch Pad Season 2012 featured EDC dancers Samantha Mitchell and Michelle Barnett. The duet explores aspects of the personality disorder ‘Single White Female Syndrome’ including copycatting, viscous jealousy, and attention seeking behaviour.

“SWFS” Montage Edit: Claire Marshall. Camera: Daniel Bunker

“SWFS” Stills

“Mental Rental” (Immersive Youth Dance project) 2012- 2013

See youth dance page: https://www.clairemarshall.com.au/projects/youth-works/

“Slowdive Attic” Cairns Festival 2011

“Slowdive Attic” Hero image by Grant Marshall

Photo: Grant Marshall

“Slowdive Attic” Synopsis

CHOREOGRAPHER: Claire Marshall
CAST: Richard Causer, Libby McDonnell, Chafia Brooks, Sammie Williams, Timothy Brown, Miranda Zeller, Jake Kuzma, and Door Wench: Kimberly Twiner

“SlowDive Attic” was presented in partnership with Cairns Centre of Contemporary Arts and Gilligans Back Packers for the Cairns Festival 2011. Like the previous “Cavill Ave” incarnation, Slowdive was adapted for both audiences and for the space. It was exciting to finally put this work about night clubs into an actual night club. Not touring with the whole show set, meant having more time in the performance space adapting the choreography to the space. The pool table was adapted to the podium, the toilet scene to the back wall, and various couch scenes were adapted to the existing furniture in the club.

The recce to the club demonstrated that the demographic was largely back packers, and in Cairns where the climate is very warm, club punters were scantily clad. This posed a problem for two of the characters who needed to be identified in their trashiness. The solution was to adapt the characters as prom dates and dress them in formal attire.

“Slowdive Attic” Montage

“Slowdive Attic” Stills by FenLan

“Cavill Ave” (Slowdive modified for the Cold Coast) 2011

“Cavill Ave” Poster

“Cavill Ave” Synopsis

CAST: Richard Causer, Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Anthony Trojman, Timothy Brown, Jake Kuzma, Kirri Webb and Sarah Potter (Gold Coast local). Door Wench: Kimberley Twiner.
SET: Rozina Suliman

In 2011, Slowdive toured to the Arts Centre Gold Coast. The work was remounted at the Judith Wright Centre after doing some visits to the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and mapping the space as well as investigating the club scene at Cavill Ave where the name was drawn from. Tweaked for Gold Coast audiences, the club dropped it’s underground vibe for a 1990’s trashy Gold Coast vibe. The characters adopted traits from Gold Coast cultures, the dancers braving orange fake tan. Some key soundtrack changes occurred dropping the dance floor break out from “Rocks” to “Mr Vain” (complete with a displaced raver). The door wench went from enforcing the dress code to applying coconut oil to the audience as they lined up – not for any tanning by the UV lights, but ensuring the venue smelt like the Gold Coast beach by the end of the performance.

“Cavill Ave” Montage 1

“Cavill Ave” Montage 2

“Cavill Ave” Stills by FenLan

“Slowdive” (original season) 2010

“Slowdive” Poster

Photo: Grant Marshall, Poster: Jane Wallace

“Slowdive” Synopsis

KEY CAST: Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Richard Causer, Timothy Brown, Anthony Trojman, Jake Kuzma.
SUPPORTING CAST/ GOTHS/ DANCE FLOOR: Sammie Williams, Kirri Webb, Catherine Ryan, Robbie King.
ACTOR: Kimberley Twiner.
SET: Rozina Suliman
STAGE MANAGER: Megan Andrews
LIGHTING: Simon Cook

Slowdive is a work about nightclubs, indulgence, and the downward spiral that can occur in this environment.  Slowdive is inspired from choreographer Claire’s observations whist DJing in Fortitude Valley.

Slowdive is a unique theatre experience transforming traditional theatre spaces into a night club – complete with a functional bar, and door wench. Exploring the agendas of the DJ’s, the bar staff, the club owner, and punters, Slowdive is a strangely compelling view of a good time spiralling downwards in dubious dealings. For Slowdive, there is no stage, backstage or designated audience area. The action occurs in the entire space, around and through the audience. 

In re-creating the atmosphere, aesthetics, and feeling of a club, Marshall has been hugely successful; her talent for the theatrical is undeniable. Likewise in creating a piece of dance-based immersive performance art that manages to break down the usual barriers in participatory art, Marshall has succeeded.
Helen Stringer – Time Off December 2010

The first minute shows the exterior and entry way through the fire stairs at the side. The remainder of the footage is from various parts of the work.

“Slowdive” Footage

“Slowdive” Blog and rehearsal for camera footage


“Slowdive” Stills by FenLan

“Video Set” 2011

“Video Set” Poster by Dimity Mapstone

“Video Set” Synopsis

CAST: Libby McDonnell, Erinn Swan (vocalist and dancer), Timothy Brown, Connor Dowling (actor and dancer). Miranda Zeller, Jake Kuzma, Mathew Nguyen,
CAMERA: Myles Newton
SUPPORTING CAST: Ellie Bignall and Jake Harrison
CHOREOGRAPHER: Claire Marshall
Adam Tucker (courtesy of arTour)
Rozina Suliman

Video Set occurred at the Judith Wright Centre in October 2011. Video Set is a theatrical interpretation of the making of a music video and uses live projection of the “video takes”, and which is choreographed alongside the choreographed live movement. Video Set received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland as well as funded by a Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks grant.

“Video Set” Montage

“Video Set” Blog

Blog: Video Set: https://www.clairemarshall.com.au/video-set/

“Video Set” Stills by FenLan

“The Pitch” 2.0 (regional) 2010

“The Pitch” 2.0 Poster

“The Pitch” 2.0 Synopsis

CHOREOGRAPHER: Claire Marshall
CAST: Chafia Brooks and Jake Kuzma
CAMERA: Jane Wallace

Ausdance Queensland launched their Bell Tower IV series for taking some of the Bell Tower III works to regional venues. The Pitch was adapted for ‘The Centre’ in Beaudesert and included workshops with high school students. Scaling back the size of the production meant no large set could be toured, however with gradient of the old-school raked stage that might have been difficult. Rather, using the camera as a part of the performance, projecting a live feed throughout meant we were not confined to using just the stage. Hence parts of the piece occurred back stage and side stage.

The footage is from the footage captured live. There was no ‘wide shot’.

“The Pitch” 2.0 Montage

“The Pitch” 2.0 Stills

“The Pitch” 2010

“The Pitch” Poster/ Flyer

“The Pitch” Synopsis

CAST: Libby McDonnell, Chafia Brooks, Matt Cornell, Jake Kuzma.
CHOREOGRAPHY: Claire Marshall
CAMERA: Jane Wallace
PRODUCER: Ausdance Qld/ QPAC/ Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall’s The Pitch was an Ausdance Bell Tower III residency for the first stage of a new work in progress. This development showing occurred at The Cremorne Theatre, QPAC on the 29th of May 2010. 

The Pitch was an exploration of the impact of a camera on dance via live projection and choreographed movement, and is an exploration into the difference that can be created between what the audience sees live, and what is projected.

Section 1: an exploration of movement, the camera, and light and to demonstrate the difference between what is occurring live and what is captured in frame.

Section 2: an exploration of lighting clichés in music videos and how these translate to the stage as well as live projection.

Section 3: looking at camera framing to capture different perspectives to the live performance.

“The Pitch” Cut down (Edit by Jane Wallace)

“The Pitch” Stills by Fiona Cullen

“Trio and Tripod” 2011

“Trio and Tripod” Poster/ Flyer

“Trio and Tripod” Synopsis

CAST: Timothy Brown, Libby McDonnell, Anthony Trojman, & Miranda Zeller. 
CHOREOGRAPHER: Claire Marshall
SET: Frances Hannaway

Fresh Ground residency explores relationships between movement, perception and perspective and testing this in relation to the camera offering two different perspectives for the viewer. Trio and Tripod was assisted by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts’ Fresh Ground artist-in-residence initiative made possible through Arts Queensland.

“Trio and Tripod” Stills by Frances Hannaway

“Hey Scenester” 2010

“Hey Scenester” Poster

“Hey Scenester” Synopsis

The Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse. January 2010.
CAST: Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Jason Northam, Anthony Trojman
SUPPORTING CAST: Kirri Webb, Catherine Ryan, Mimi Van Bruuren, Robbie King, Todd Madden
ACTOR: Kimberley Twiner
SET: Rozina Suliman
LIGHTING: Simon Cook

A contemporary dance, pop culture inspired adventure about ‘scenesters’ and Fortitude Valley’s nightlife – an expose of the scene and not so seen! Hey Scenester is a contemporary dance, pop culture inspired work by choreographer Claire Marshall in conjunction with dancers, looking at ‘scenesters’ and Fortitude Valley’s nightlife. Drawing inspiration from observations in the Valley, the work looks at club culture, and human behaviour in the increasingly busy and often absurd scene in Fortitude Valley on a Friday or Saturday night.

Claire Marshall was a recipient of the Ausdance Queensland Brisbane Front Program Choreographic Residency, which saw the first development presented in November 2009. Hey Scenester sees the Visy Theatre transformed into a non-traditional theatre space for the second installment of the work. 

“Hey Scenester” Cut down edited by Jane Wallace

“Hey Scenester” Stills by Rozina Suliman

“Hey Scenester” Rehearsal Stills by Grant Marshall

“Hey Scenester” Blog


“Hey Scenester” Development, 2009
(Ausdance Queensland Brisbane Front Residency)

“Hey Scenester” Development Poster

“Hey Scenester” Synopsis

CAST: Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Jason Northam
SUPPORTING CAST: Jake Kuzma, Robbie King, Kirri Webb, Frances Hannaway, Catherine Ryan, Vicki Benn, Tiffany Broad, Jamee Campbell, Annalies Casale, Gemma Dawkins, Frankie Jaryeola, Abby Johnson, Caitlin Mackenzie, Katie Newman, and (exterior): Maggie Raftery and Sean Sinclair
SET: Rozina Suliman
Programme Drawing: Libby McDonnell

Claire Marshall was the recipient of the first of the inaugural Ausdance Queensland Brisbane Front Program choreographic residencies. This initiative provides Brisbane-based choreographers an opportunity for a supported four week explorationof the making of dance work for non-traditional performance spaces.  The residency includes the public presentation of the works-in-development in the JWCOCA Shopfront.  Each presentation is accompanied by a facilitated forum toprovide the resident artist with critical feedback and provide audiences with a connection to the creative process.

“Hey Scenester” Footage and forum

“Hey Scenester” Stills by Kimberley Hill and Les Hannaway

“When Will I be Famous” for Urban Ignition Youth Dance Company 2009

“WWIBF” Poster

“WWIBF” Stills by Grant Marshall

“Obliviot” for Urban Ignition Youth Dance Company 2008

“Zombots” QUT Dance Performance Season 2006

“Sweat Shop” Brisbane Fringe Festival 2006

“Sweat Shop” Programme

“Sweat Shop” Stills

“Mod Cons” 2006

“Mod Cons” Poster by Dimity Mapstone

“The Factory” 2005

“The Factory” snippet

Club Spots 2005

“Pop Trash” 2004

“Rewind” 2002

“Fuse” 2000

“The Exhibit” 1998

Showreel of live work from 2000-2009