SCREENING 4 Dance Films

In the lead up to Permutations at the Brisbane Powerhouse in June, I thought it would be a good idea to show the other new dance films I have created recently. Void has been shown over the world (in twenty four festivals), but not in Brisbane, and Love Song has not been shown in Australia. The screening of these films will occur at the New Farm Cinemas (Purple Cinema) on Wednesday the 18th of May 2022 at 7pm.

Claire Marshall Presents

Claire Marshall


And the premiere of the music video 
Tycho Brahe 
(inspired by Claire’s film LOVE SONG)

7pm for a 7:15pm start
Wednesday the 18th of May 2022
New Farm Cinemas (Purple room)
701 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005
Duration: 90 minutes

Facebook event:

The four dance films were created by Claire Marshall as a part of her Master of Fine Arts (Dance) at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne where Claire investigated alternative methods of dance filmmaking and story structures, manipulated by location, cinematography, and editing.

The dance films have been choreographed by Claire Marshall in collaboration with dancers. They are produced, directed, and edited by Claire Marshall.



Dancer: Amelia Le-Bherz
2:40 minutes

SPLAT is a quirky short screendance experiment whereby the action of falling or ‘splatting’ to the ground is executed as a constant in every take to establish a controlled singular motif for analysis. When cut together as a montage, using different locations, and proximities of the body to the camera, this repeated action was then considered in relation to meaning making and narrative. Investigating metaphors associated with falling, suggested meanings of exhaustion, defeat and powerlessness became reinforced by repetition. 


Dancers: Lucy Hood and Richard Causer
Cinematographer: Kevin Holloway
32:20 minutes

SHIFT commences with a duet that depicts a story of a discordant couple. The story repeats four times in different locations, acting to highlight and reinforce the predicament of the dancer and create an overarching sense of atmosphere and defamiliarization. Rather than impose an idea on a specific location scouted to suit a story, as an experimental film, SHIFT was filmed in numerous locations, and allowed the sense of ‘story’ to evolve in the edit.


Dancer and Vocalist: Erin O’Rourke
Cinematographer: Saroj Kumar Chauhan
15:00 minutes
Winding upwards, gazing downwards, slinking, sinking, vaulting, halting, a solitary figure, dancer Erin O’Rourke journeys through an old labyrinthine staircase as a metaphor of her psyche. Moments of déjà vu and multiple selves emerge in a dance film that conjures ideas of psychological entrapment of women. VOID was a reciprocal response to Shift by exploring one dancer in a solitary location and creating a cinematic world through responding to the architecture.  As such, the stairs became a signifier of a journey, the closed stairwell presented the idea of entrapment, and the repetition in the architecture provided the impetus for multiple selves. 


Dancers: Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman
Cinematographer: Saroj Kumar Chauhan
Score: Tycho Sound Design
16:30 minutes

LOVE SONG is a dance film that explores a story of a relationship in constant flux, where deception and emotional manipulation unfolds. The story of LOVE SONG evolved in rehearsals, developed in collaboration with the dancers Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman. LOVE SONG situates two stories in a parallel structure, showing aspects of the two stories simultaneously establishes conflict and shifts perceptions of the dancers and story.

LOVE BLIND LOVE by Tycho Brahe (Music Video Premiere)

Dancer in image: Sarah Problem-Hoe
Composition: Ken Evans and Georgina Emery of Tycho Brahe
Dancers: Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman
3:30 minutes

AND…showing the new

Dancers: Richard Causer, Bella Hood, Lucy Hood, Jacob Watton.
Cinematographer Kevin Holloway
Additional shots by Saroj Kumar Chauhan
Image by Mark Greenmantle
3:00 minutes

PERMUTATIONS opens at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Wednesday the 15th of June 2022. 

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