VOID (dance film) multiples

As the idea of the multiple selves evolved making Void, I was exploring ways to create multiples of Erin O’Rourke’s character in Void.

Below demonstrates a part of my process, but also the easy way with the Kaleidoscope effect rather than the tedious and intricate way with Erin repeating the movement in a multiple times in multiple places, and then MANY layers of footage to wrangle.

I shelved this little edit because it was just a bit of an early idea dabbling and does not demonstrate the editing complexity as in the final version of Void (see the Void Montage as an example https://vimeo.com/492863659).

Nonetheless, it is still a bit interesting to see the body chopped up and mashing into itself and into the space, especially with so much visual repetition in the location.

It was a starting point in unpacking some visual ideas before doing things the correct way with all the duplicate shots and matte layers.

Void (Collide edit)

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