Video Set

Video Set is an immersive dance theatre experience exploring the making of a music video. The story of the piece is experienced through contemporary dance. Using live projection the audience can decide if they view the live performance or the live capture projected on the screen. In a world of fast paced edits, Video Set is something unique. 

Video Set draws on Claire Marshall’s experiences choreographing music videos alongside her independent practice. Told with a sense of humour, Claire exposes creative people under pressure in the context of making a music video in 2011.

Video Set Cast:

Erinn Swan: the talent (and VOX of Streamer Bendy) 

*Video Set features When I’m Dreamingby Streamer Bendy

Libby McDonnell: The producer

Connor Dowling: The director

Timothy Brown: The artist

Myles Newton: Video Set Camera operator

Miranda Zeller: wardrobe/ hair/ make up girl

Jake Kuzma: Art Department/ Set design guy

Matthew Nguyen: runner, and new kid on set

And as the video clip extras 

Ellie Bignall and Jake Harrison


Created by Claire Marshall

Choreographed by Claire Marshall in collaboration with dancers. 

Producer:Adam Tucker (courtesy of ArTour)

Set Design: Rozina Suliman 

Lighting Design: Adam Copland 

Dance photographer FenLan photographed some stills including:

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