“The Pitch” Development

In the mid to late 2000’s Ausdance Queensland supported a lot of artists to develop work without diving into a full scale project. A creative development period is always crucial.

My idea was drawn from work on music video where what was captured on camera was often so different to the live performance. This was the starting point of ‘The Pitch” which was essentially ‘the pitch’ to making Video Set.

The starting point was to do some drawings and present them to set designer Rozina Suliman who I worked with on Slowdive. I had wanted a small set that could have different sides and preset different backdrops for the camera. Rozina worked tirelessly building, painting and sewing over the development time. The set was built in the Bell Tower where we were rehearsing, so Rozina had to work around our time which meant working through the night. Here are a few photos of the set in development.

Above: Set is bumped into the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC.

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