Shift (dance film) Part 1

As the creative output of my Master of Fine Arts (Dance) at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, I am making a series of experimental dance films.

One of the many things I love about doing my masters at the VCA is that I am exploring ideas I would not otherwise consider. Having the opportunity to experiment has seen the birth of new ideas and new creative processes. “Shift” is the second of my dance film projects as a part of my MFA.

Richard Causer and Lucy Hood

It was great to be reuniting to work again with dancer Richard Causer, and cinematographer Kevin Holloway.

Lucy Hood was someone I had not worked with before, but she was a delight.

The idea was to film as much of the duet in as many locations that we had permission to. Rehearsals saw excursions to locations to test and adapt the choreography to the locations.

Following the 4-5 days of rehearsals we went straight into a 4 day shoot. Working with a small crew meant working quickly. Over 4 days, we filmed in 17 locations.

The budget was tight so I wrangled most locations in kind. It meant pulling favours from friends who were generous with the use of their homes and businesses.

In some locations where we were permitted to film, we could not gain exclusive access, so four awesome young humans helped us hog the playground!

One of my favourite locations was Susan and Chris’s 1950’s home. They were incredible hosts and we lunched together on set. Host(s) with the most! Left to right: Amelia Le-Bherz (make up artist) Chris, Susan, Kevin, Lucy, Richard.

A section of choreography was adapted to their incredible pool.

Another location was Phase 4 Records and Cassettes. It’s one of my favourite record bars in Brisbane. Business owner and music gurus Julie and Donat were so kind letting us carve up the choreography at their store.

A long time student, Kirrah was having her 19th Birthday the weekend of the shoot. Her family have been long time supporters of dance and have been so kind to me over the years. I thought that a birthday scene might be an option and Kirrah’s family were fine with us crashing Kirrah’s 19th. I don’t think Kirrah even knew we were rehearsing there. Older sister Sabrina had been so helpful in all the organising.

Mrs Jobst made the dancers a coffee between rehearsals at her house.

My Friends Steph and Dave were so kind to let us film at their house. Unfortunately, the chandelier didn’t last the entire shoot….

The four days of filming went well (sans chandelier incident)
The next step is editing… I have no idea how this is going to turn out. Embracing experimenting!

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