“Slowdive” Brisbane Powerhouse 2010

Rehearsal for camera

“Slowdive” Hero Poster Concept

I sketched this rough idea to show Grant Marshall who was taking the photo for the shoot. My idea was to show the downward spiral of the work visually. I also referenced the Roxy Music Manifesto Album cover. The photo shoot occurred at the Depot Nite club. These were the two images used for Slowdive and the subsequent developments.

Poster design: Jane Wallace

“Slowdive” Rehearsal stills by Grant Marshall

“Slowdive” Design development

Set designer Rozina Suliman and Claire Marshall worked closely on designing the space. Choreographic, visual and spatial considerations were all important for the immersive theatre format.

“Slowdive” rehearsals in the space

“Slowdive” Stills by FenLan

“Slowdive” cast photo by Megan Andrews

“Slowdive” press and reviews

Time Out review by Helen Stringer
Scene Magazine Arts Overview

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