LOVE SONG stage one: rehearsals

We commenced rehearsals in August at Mill Street Studios with some time in between rehearsals and filming in September/ October. Due to COVID 19 and the enforced restrictions saw some new collaborations, and allowed time for the idea to evolve over a longer rehearsal period. Over rehearsals discussions with the dancers became informing the story of Love Song and the idea became more about perceptions in the character’s relationship rather than my previous idea of exploring particular elements of the lens.

Following rehearsals, filming occurred over a number of locations for four long days. While filming some ideas were scrapped as instead I saw potential in other locations such as the reflections in the hotel scene. In some locations such as the hotel, there was time to work with the choreography on set.

Here’s a few iPhone photos taken during rehearsals and at some of the locations.

THANKS: Just a little note to say thanks to everyone who was on board this project – from jumping in as extras at the bar, and discotheque, delivering missing props and cables, helping with the costumes and more. Sincere thanks to Amelia Le-Bherz – amazing makeup as always and stepping into many other roles to help, Matthew Overberg, and Saroj Chauhan stepping things up on this second collaboration. 

Most of all, heartfelt thanks to Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman for their collaboration and contribution to this story. Our long history of friendship and years working together enabled sharing so much in rehearsals as we reflected on our lives in a way you can only do with your oldest friends. We experienced a rollercoaster of emotions making this project with some physically gruelling and emotionally taxing scenes for Anthony and Richard, and I am so appreciative of their investment in this project. It is always an honour to work together, but more than ever, I am totally in awe of them both!

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