Video Set

Video Set is an immersive dance theatre experience exploring the making of a music video. The story of the piece is experienced through contemporary dance. Using live projection the audience can decide if they view the live performance or the live capture projected on the screen. In a world of fast paced edits, Video Set is something unique. 

Video Set draws on Claire Marshall’s experiences choreographing music videos alongside her independent practice. Told with a sense of humour, Claire exposes creative people under pressure in the context of making a music video in 2011.

Video Set Cast:

Erinn Swan: the talent (and VOX of Streamer Bendy) 

*Video Set features When I’m Dreamingby Streamer Bendy

Libby McDonnell: The producer

Connor Dowling: The director

Timothy Brown: The artist

Myles Newton: Video Set Camera operator

Miranda Zeller: wardrobe/ hair/ make up girl

Jake Kuzma: Art Department/ Set design guy

Matthew Nguyen: runner, and new kid on set

And as the video clip extras 

Ellie Bignall and Jake Harrison


Created by Claire Marshall

Choreographed by Claire Marshall in collaboration with dancers. 

Producer:Adam Tucker (courtesy of ArTour)

Set Design: Rozina Suliman 

Lighting Design: Adam Copland 

Dance photographer FenLan photographed some stills including:


“Cavill Ave” April 2011

Cavill Ave is a re-development of Slowdive for the Arts Centre Gold Coast, tweaked to suit the space and audience demographic of the Gold Coast.

CAST: Richard Causer, Chafia Brooks, Libby McDonnell, Miranda Zeller, Anthony Trojman, Timothy Brown, Jake Kuzma, Kirri Webb and Sarah Potter (local). Door Wench: Kimberley Twiner.
SET: Rozina Suliman

Slowdive was remounted at the Judith Wright Centre after doing some visits to the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and mapping the space as well as investigating the club scene at Cavill Ave where the name was drawn from. Tweaked for Gold Coast audiences, the club dropped it’s underground vibe for a 1990’s trashy Gold Coast vibe. The characters adopted traits from Gold Coast cultures, the dancers braving orange fake tan. Some key soundtrack changes occurred dropping the dance floor break out from “Rocks” to “Mr Vain” (complete with a displaced raver). The door wench went from enforcing the dress code to applying coconut oil to the audience as they lined up – not for any tanning by the UV lights, but ensuring the venue smelt like the Gold Coast beach by the end of the performance.




“Slowdive” Brisbane Powerhouse 2010

Rehearsal for camera

“Slowdive” Hero Poster Concept

I sketched this rough idea to show Grant Marshall who was taking the photo for the shoot. My idea was to show the downward spiral of the work visually. I also referenced the Roxy Music Manifesto Album cover. The photo shoot occurred at the Depot Nite club. These were the two images used for Slowdive and the subsequent developments.

Poster design: Jane Wallace

“Slowdive” Rehearsal stills by Grant Marshall

“Slowdive” Design development

Set designer Rozina Suliman and Claire Marshall worked closely on designing the space. Choreographic, visual and spatial considerations were all important for the immersive theatre format.

“Slowdive” rehearsals in the space

“Slowdive” Stills by FenLan

“Slowdive” cast photo by Megan Andrews

“Slowdive” press and reviews

Time Out review by Helen Stringer
Scene Magazine Arts Overview


“The Pitch” Development

In the mid to late 2000’s Ausdance Queensland supported a lot of artists to develop work without diving into a full scale project. A creative development period is always crucial.

My idea was drawn from work on music video where what was captured on camera was often so different to the live performance. This was the starting point of ‘The Pitch” which was essentially ‘the pitch’ to making Video Set.

The starting point was to do some drawings and present them to set designer Rozina Suliman who I worked with on Slowdive. I had wanted a small set that could have different sides and preset different backdrops for the camera. Rozina worked tirelessly building, painting and sewing over the development time. The set was built in the Bell Tower where we were rehearsing, so Rozina had to work around our time which meant working through the night. Here are a few photos of the set in development.

Above: Set is bumped into the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC.


“Hey Scenester” January 2010

“Hey Scenester” Synopsis

From the Judith Wright Centre shop front in 2009 to the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse in January 2010, the Visy Theatre was transformed into a nite club.

Hey Scenester!Is a contemporary dance, pop culture inspired work by choreographer Claire Marshall in conjunction with dancers, looking at ‘scenesters’ and Fortitude Valley’s nightlife. Drawing inspiration from observations in the Valley, the work looks at club culture, and human behaviour in the increasingly busy and often absurd scene in Fortitude Valley on a Friday or Saturday night.

Claire Marshall was a recipient of the Ausdance Queensland Brisbane Front Program Choreographic Residency, which saw the first development presented in November 2009. Hey Scenester sees the Visy Theatre transformed into a non-traditional theatre space for the second installment of the work. 

“Hey Scenester” Stills by Rozina Suliman

“Hey Scenester” Rehearsal Stills by Grant Marshall