Ward of State update

Hi everyone,

After a very busy six months, I wanted to update you on things.

Firstly, Ward of State is going well. I have needed to take a break from it, for reasons mentioned below, but it’s currently being edited, and the score is being composed.

Whist working on Ward of State, three exciting things happened back to back in VERY close succession and the past six months have been the busiest time I’ve ever know.


1. Ward of State received funding from Arts Qld. This was such exciting news for the film. This has allowed more time, and money going into the project in various stages of it. It has meant extending the project, and, in the bigger picture sense, this has been an incredibly fortunate thing for the Ward of State project – being a longer piece of work, and being higher quality product!


2. An opportunity: Mill Street Studios, and DANCE4300. In November 2013 I had a long-term opportunity present itself. It was very much a “now or never” opportunity in taking on a dance space. It meant some long days and weeks of hark yakka renovating with friends and family who kindly helped out, and investing a lot of time and energy setting up things in a business sense. Here’s all about Mill Street Studios and what is essentially a long-term business partnership with myself – that may help sustain my own practice.



3. Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM). Towards the end of the development for Ward of State, my work “SlowDive” was selected to be presented at the Australian Performing Arts Market in February at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I attended APAM in 2012 in Adelaide. Let’s just say it’s a VERY very big deal to have work presented at APAM! I was very fortunate that PowerArts and Metro Arts helped finance SlowDive for APAM!. Here’s more about my work SlowDive at APAM:



My apologies for the delay in an update, but with three of the biggest opportunities of my career fathomable happening so close together, I’ve had to take some time away from the film. I’ve leart that sometimes (creatively speaking) that is a good thing – to take time to reflect on the work!  The great news is that Ward of State was handed over to someone I trust to continue editing the project, and that work has commenced on the score!

Thanks for being patient.